Listen: Eric Bellinger Releases ‘EBFP: An Acoustic Experience’ EP


Eric Bellinger goes acoustic!

The R&B singer/songwriter has been riding the wave of his Hip Hop leaning 2016 EP, Eric B. For President: Term 1, but being the creative that he is, and R&B artist first, the Los Angeles native has re-recorded the project as a full acoustic experience. As promised, Eric has released the new version titled, EBFP: An Acoustic Experience, for free streaming today!

Speaking about his inspiration behind making the acoustic project, Eric explained to ThisisRnB: “I’m an R&B artist first but I know ‘Eric B For President: Term 1’ was a very hip-hop driven project. I felt as if I needed to do some more edgy urban songs just so people knew I was capable of that type of sound as well, but I still wanted to release the project in a way that my core fan base would be able to vibe with. I’m a huge fan of the acoustic guitar. There were a lot of insane beats on the project: crazy snares, baselines, ambient sounds that may have left some of my vocals and intricate harmonies in each of the songs hidden. I knew that if I stripped down the production for ‘EBFP, An Acoustic Experience,’ it would make people focus in on the vocals and lyrics. The idea for making an acoustic project came out after I saw the reaction from old and new fans. I was excited about the new fans I gained but still wanted to please my day ones as well.”

With the title being a play on politics and claiming his position of power without the music world, Eric also addressed the state of our country, as we transition from President Barack Obama to President-elect Donald Trump. “I know our country is in a crazy place right now with the recent election of Donald Trump,” says Eric. “I’m doing my best to give an alternative outlook on things through my music. Trying to stay as positive as possible, distracting the culture from the mockery of events that have been taking place … no different than what our government does when they draw attention to things in the media to distract us.”

Stream ‘EBFP: An Acoustic Experience‘ below!

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