Watch: Sevyn Streeter Returns To Philly To Sing National Anthem In Her “We Matter” Jersey


As we reported a couple weeks ago, Sevyn Streeter returned to Philadelphia to sing the National Anthem at the 76ers game wearing the same “We Matter” jersey that she was told they didn’t want her to wear when she was invited to sing the anthem in October.

xoNecole was given exclusive access to join Sevyn for her return to the Wells Fargo arena along with the R&B songstress to document it and discuss the whole experience. Sharing her feelings on the initial visit when she was told she couldn’t wear her jersey, to the positive benefits that followed, Sevyn opens up candidly in the exclusive behind-the-scenes video.

“For me to take off my ‘We Matter’ jersey would have defeated the entire reason that I was even wearing it,” explained Sevyn.

“The organization they apologized, we came back I’m here, we decided to partner together and do some really great things with the Boys & Girls Club, which makes my day, because anybody that really knows me, I love kids, I love doing things with kids,” said Sevyn. “To be able to turn something that was not a great situation…you should have seen the faces on the kids out there. We were able to buy them early Christmas presents, and watching them get to play basketball on a NBA court, we were out there having a good time. If I had to go through all of that again I would do it all over again, just to see the smile on those kids faces.”

Check it out below.

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