Alicia Keys Performs “Blended Family” on ‘X Factor UK’



After performing “Holy War” with Adam Levine on “The Voice,” Alicia Keys took her talents across the pond this past weekend.

Hitting “The X Factor UK” stage, “The Voice” coach delivered her HERE single, “Blended Family (What You Do for Love),” while sharing a message of unity.

“This is my new song called ‘Blended Family,’” she said. “Let’s make sure we continue to create the global human family.”

After the performance, she also offered some advice to the show’s contestants. “The U.K. knows better than ever how blessed we are to be all mixed together and appreciate our differences and the way we’re all unique,” she said. “The more unique you can be, just totally be yourself. Don’t try to be like anybody else, don’t try to do what anyone else is doing. Just be yourself.”

When told she should run for Prime Minister, Alicia smiled. “I might have to,” she said, “the way things are going.”

Watch her “Blended Family” performance below.

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