Video: Sammie – I’m Him



Sammie is out here trying to be better than your ex-man.

Over the summer, the singer/songwriter released his new single, “I’m Him” in an effort to prove that chivalry is definitely not dead in 2016. The Doh-boy produced track is full of confidence and promises that he is without a doubt better than his future lover’s ex. The video reflects the same energy of the track as he physically shows his new girl all the ways that he’s better than her exes.

Sammie acts like the ghost of boyfriends’ past and escorts his potential new bae through a timeline of all her exes. We see her with the overly flirtatious ex, the ex who hides all his girls on his phone, and the ex that has the side chick opening his front door. Seeing each ex-lover over again, pushes her to want to try something new as the Atlanta singer insists that he’s nothing like those other guys.

Watch the video and find out if she takes a chance on Sammie below.

Words by Jamila Wright

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