Indie: Manny X Releases Video for New Single “Cat & Mouse”



Indie artist, Manny X, brings new levels of energy, masterful lyricism and a whole lot of confidence to the scene with his funky, new single, “Cat & Mouse,” from his upcoming album, Xscapism. The hot new single gets your feet tapping right away with it’s infectious groove, hard hitting retro vibes and hypnotizing hook, while Manny croons as the role of man whom understands that at the end of the day, love is just a little game of cat & mouse.

With lyrics like: “I’m a hunter baby, I always get my prey / So if you’re in my line of sight, call it a day / I ain’t a player girl, I just crush a lot, but when I do play the field, I’m a juggernaut / Devilish charm, sinful smile, sleight of hand / Gotten away with everything that I’ve ever planned / You’ll be mine in a matter of time cuz there’s no mountain that’s too high for me to climb.” Manny X establishes himself as a man’s man that knows the game and how to win it.

As a Pop/R&B singer/songwriter/producer and multi-instrumentalist, Manny’s been influenced by the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Usher, John Mayer, Drake, among others. In June of 2012, Manny X was hand selected by 2x Grammy Award winner, T-Pain, as the Grand Prize winner of Guitar Center’s “Your Next Record” nationwide competition. More than 4,600 hopefuls entered the competition for the chance to win top of the line recording equipment and record a 3 song EP with T-Pain and producer Young Fyre. T-Pain called Manny X’s music “New, Fresh and Exciting…I Can’t wait to get into the studio and make some records with him!” Manny X’s latest release, Genesis EP, has already made major waves in the industry after debuting on the front page of the R&B/Soul genre on iTunes and having his latest single, “In Front of You” featuring T-Pain as the R&B Single of the week on June 25th, 2013.

Manny X is in the studio wrapping up the release of his anticipated follow-up album Xscapism. With his blazing new track and epic music video, Manny X is poised to let the world ‘Xperience’ his musicality and vision!!

Check out the 1930’s inspired “Cat & Mouse” video below.

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