New Music: Tone Stith – ‘Selfish’ & ‘On The Floor’


Tone Stith Selfish

We love it when an exciting new artist continues to stay consistent with new content, and deliver quality music back-to-back. This is the case with budding newcomer Tone Stith, who is steadily climbing up our 2016 ‘must-watch’ list.

Following his impressive songs “When You Call” and “Rainy Days,” the singer/songwriter/producer has returned within a week’s time with not one but two hot new tracks.

The most recent, “Selfish,” is an atmospheric R&B vibe, as Tone struggles to let a lover move on, dealing with his own selfish issues. “Keep tryin to give you what you want, cause I just can’t help it / If you ain’t tryin to work it out, we won’t baby / We’re just so damn selfish,” he sings while hitting all his outstanding falsetto notes.

On the recently released “On The Floor,” the New Jersey native shows off more of the feel-good ’70s inspiration that he says will be heard on his forthcoming debut project California 70. Over a synth-heavy instrumental with a steady vintage house bounce, Tone sings out to his lady who is hitting all the right moves on the dance floor. “Grab somebody, work ya body / Feel the rhythm, in the party girl / What’s tomorrow, leave ya sorrow at the front door / ‘Cause you’re on the dance floor baby,” he sings.

Tone Stith is on a roll. Let him take you on a ride with both new tracks below!

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