Watch: The Hamiltones Sing for Your ‘Respeck’




Our favorite background singers The Hamiltones have done it again, this time sharing a short video of an impromptu performance on their tour bus while singing the gossip-heavy comments that Birdman made to The Breakfast Club last week.

The Cash Money boss made social media go crazy when he spelled out the word respect with a “k’ instead of a “t,” and the boys took his comments to another level, creating a song and harmonies that make for another comedic and praiseworthy performance.

Check it out below.

  1. […] but also comical cover videos of hit rap songs. However, it is their latest creation, “Put Some Respeck On It,” that has got everyone […]

  2. […] also joined her for the performance, as her background singers and sang The Hamiltones “Put Some Respeck On It,” a play off Birdman’s now infamous “Breakfast Club” […]

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