Indie: Newcomer Craven Releases ‘Classic R&B Love’ Mixtape



Indie artist George “Craven” Tyner is a singer/songwriter from Greensboro, North Carolina. After learning of his love to sing at a young age there was no doubt in his mind what he wanted to do, and what genre of music he wanted to create. Growing up, Craven took a liking to R&B with some of his favorite artists being R Kelly, Teddy Riley, Aaron Hall, and countless others.

Moving to Atlanta at the age of 14 fueled his passion and drove his ambition, after seeing that Atlanta was a hotbed for music and entertainment. Following his graduation from Middle Tennessee State University in 2008, with a B.A. degree, Craven’s main focus was to get back to Atlanta and start recording.

Interning at Nzone studio beside DJ Toomp, Craven saw exactly what the music industry was about and what it took to be a successful artist. In August 2015 Craven released his first studio album R&B Love, led by the singles “R&B Love” and “Juke Joint”.  Now, the rising singer returns with a new mixtape, ‘Classic R&B Love,” which features Craven singing over classic ’70s soul samples.

With his distinct sound and voice, one listen to Craven and you will see why he is gaining traction and has a growing fan base. To describe what kind of music Craven makes, let’s just say it’s feel good, real love based classic R&B.

One thing is for sure, Craven is here to stay and one listen will have you Craven for more. Take a listen to his brand new mixtape below.

For more info visit and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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