K. Michelle Visits The Breakfast Club, Spats With Angela Yee



Well, if you’ve been wondering if R&B Diva K. Michelle and The Breakfast Club’s leading lady, Angela Yee, would be caught sipping margaritas together on next season of VH1’s My Life, you can go ahead and throw that out to the gutter…for now at least. As the promo run for her third album, More Issues Than Vogue, stopped in New York this week, K. Michelle swung by the most talked about morning show for an interview.

Dressed in all black with a pair of shades, the songstress – who is known for not holding back her thoughts – definitely came to speak her mind during this interview. Wasting no time jumping into the questions, the crew immediately asked K about comments pertaining to her lady parts that were made by rappers Maino and Uncle Murda. After addressing the situation from the two men, she then turned her attention to Angela Yee and let a little fire off at her about her actions throughout the whole incident. Not a stranger to holding her tongue, K let Angela know that she really wasn’t appreciative of went down. “…and at the end of the day, I’m not f**kin’ with you for that. Next subject,” she firmly stated.


After that abrupt end, she went on to discuss her album, plastic surgery, forgiving Memphitz, ex-boyfriend Bobby, and more.

Get into the drama below!

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