Video: Trevor Jackson – Here I Come



Trevor we’re giving you the side eye for this one!

Following his video for “Rock Wit Me,” Trevor Jackson releases the video for “Here I Come” and it’s a lot to take in. In the visuals, the rising R&B singer and actor plays out a scenario that most guys his age probably wish they could be in. He’s stuck in a situation where both his girl and her hot mom are completely into him.

During a visit to his girlfriend’s home, he must figure out how to hide the mom’s attraction to him from his girl. Every time his girl leaves him with her mom alone, the mom suggests that she wants to play with him. As he sings about age being nothing but a number, Trevor struggles to not fall for temptation with his girl’s mama.  And it only gets messier from there!

To see what comes of this sticky situation, check out the video below.

Words by Jamila Wright

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  1. Poetik Glorious 2 years ago

    i love the song and the video….wow!

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