Watch: Brandy Performs & Talks About “Beggin & Pleadin” Live In-Studio




Brandy came all the way through early this month with her surprise release of the outstanding “Beggin & Pleadin.”   Channeling the great blues and jazz singers of the past, the R&B songstress delivered one of her best records ever, and definitely of the year so far.

Now, as we’ve all been waiting for, Brandy has released an in-studio live performance of the soul-stirring song, along with commentary, and the story its recording and impromptu release.

“This particular song is freedom,” explains Brandy. “Freedom, liberty… to express myself in the most interesting, edgiest way possible. I just like the way it makes me feel … It’s like ‘Bitch What!’, it makes me feel bossy.”

She wraps her explanation with a positive message. “It’s all about what you believe at the end of the day,” she says. “I believe that I’m the sh*t.” We’d have to agree!

Watch Brandy’s empowering moment below!

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  1. comeonson87 2 years ago

    Brandy that was selfish, I’ve been searching iTunes for this since you released it. Beautiful voice and never lose that confidence! Know rnb needs you bad as hell!

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