Chris Brown Talks Royalty, Criticism in Career, Jail Time, Charity Work & More



Chris Brown is getting the promo in as he preps for the release of Royalty on Friday.  In addition to dropping a video for “Anyway” and the new song “Little More,” Breezy rose bright and early for an interview with The Cruz Show on LA’s Power 106.

Speaking with J Cruz, he discussed a lot of personal and career related topics, and revealed that he was pulled over and given a speeding ticket on the way to the station for the interview. Chris spoke about the new album, his daughter, being a father, and he opened up about some of the tough moments in his life including jail time and domestic violence.

As a gift to the station he drew a unique Christmas picture of a crazy looking Santa.  He shared his respect for Adele, while being asked if he would smash, but being a father has surely helped turn his focus away from money and focus on helping his community and those in need.

Watch Chris’ full interview below:

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