New Music: Stella Artois & John Legend Present “Under the Stars”


Lake and stars at night, Okanagan Highlands, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

The holidays are here and to help spread some good cheer John Legend has teamed up with Stella Artois for a truly star-studded collaboration as part of the brand’s “Give Beautifully” holiday campaign.

The R&B singer-songwriter took to the studio to create the first-ever duet between a musical star on earth and actual stars in the sky, titled “Under the Stars.”  The exclusive holiday song, written and performed by Legend, was created to pay homage to the brand’s name, “Stella,” which directly translates to “star.”

According to a press release, a little known fact is that stars also make sounds. The frequencies by which the star’s brightness changes can be translated into unique audible tones; from pulsing beats to ethereal vibes to atonal reverberations, each star has a unique sound. “Under the Stars” features the distinct sounds of four different stars in the Universe in the song’s intro, outro and chorus. Stella Artois sought the expertise of astrophysicist Zoltán Kolláth to translate and analyze these unique star sounds.

Inspired by the raw emotional connections family and friends yearn for during the holidays, “Under the Stars” is written to convey the feelings people experience when they gaze at the night sky.

Stream the song, and watch a behind-the-scenes of the creation below:

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