Watch: Chris Brown Releases Double Video for “Liquor” and “Zero”



While Chris Brown has come quite a long way from convincing us to double our pleasure and double our fun, that hasn’t stopped the talented superstar from giving us twice of what we need to cure the holdover.

Releasing the double visual for “Liquor” and “Zero,” the 9-minute colorful shoot begins with Breezy at a bar sulking away. After taking a shot sent to him by an attractive female, he falls victim to wanting to “drink and f**k.” Hitting some dance moves along the way he returns home to find his ex throwing out his clothes. Breezy then speeds off in his rare Rezvani Beast sports car.

Transitioning into the newest “eff you” anthem for ex-lovers, Chris gives fans a dance party that’s worth every bit of your energy to attempt to replicate.

Both “Liquor” and “Zero” will appear on Breezy’s seventh album, Royalty, due out this fall.

Take a look at the videos below!

  1. 88 3 years ago

    cool songs weird video.

  2. SJ 3 years ago

    Saw both videos…brilliant merging of the videos. A CB masterpiece! Proud to be a fan.

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