Rihanna Talks ‘R8’ Delay, Breaking The Rules, Darkest Moments and More in New NME Interview



Although the release of Rihanna‘s aptly dubbed ‘R8‘ album is nowhere in the release scope yet, it’s nice to know that it at least exists…well, somewhat.

While the singer/model has currently been occupied pursuing other ventures, she recently sat down with UK outlet NME to deliver some good news regarding the album and all that surrounds it.

Offering up some pretty solid and well needed information around the upcoming LP, Rihanna admitted that fans just might be waiting a little longer. “It’s not done!” she exclaimed to NME. “To me it’s never done until it’s done. Until the final moment.” While that may not come of surprise to many, RiRi went on to say that the reason why the album doesn’t have a tracklist yet is because it’s hard to choose. “I have so many songs I love – and they’re so different – that it’s hard to actually put them all on the same album.”

Never fret though. The singer went on to drop a few titles of key tracks like “Just Feel It,” the Amy Winehouse-inspired “Higher” (which is her favorite), and “Love On The Brain.”

Collaborations for the album include Kanye West on production – which Rihanna says is one of the reasons the album is delayed, because their schedules are “totally opposite right now” – and potentially one from Charli XCX, whom she’s absolutely smitten over.

In addition to dropping a little info about ‘R8,’ the gorgeous model also touched on her period of darkness during the creation of ‘Rated R‘ that brought out the unapologetic artist we know and love today. “It was a time in my life where I felt vulnerable and naked,” she admits. “I felt like the world was watching and that there was a spotlight on me. I felt confide. I knew I couldn’t make a happy album. It was like: it’s not the truth. It’s not real. I know I won’t feel like this forever, but this is how I feel right now.”

Read the full interview here and catch a few photos from the shoot below:

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