Listen: Bridget Kelly Releases ‘Summer of 17’ EP!



Well, well, well! Look what we have here!

While Bridget Kelly may have cut ties with Roc Nation, that hasn’t stopped the talented vocalist from putting in work in the studio. Making our “Best of” list for the month of July with her Mack Wilds assisted single “Act Like That,” the beautiful songstress delivers the brand new six-track EP Summer of 17 just in time to make you calm your nerves.

Giving fans a different sound than that of what her 2013 project – Cut To Bridget Kelly – offered, the now blonde tress sporting Kelly has a lighter emotional feel to this project. Literally the epitome of summer with production from Da Internz and Swagg, Summer of 17 is just right for the last of your summer rooftop parties in the city.

Take a listen to her preview of the project below, and if you’re feeling it you can pick it up on iTunes now.

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  1. John 3 years ago

    YAAASS!! This ep is good. I’ve been rooting for Bridget for a long time. Her voice is evvveeerryyttthinnngg!!

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