Watch: The Weeknd Releases Fiery “Can’t Feel My Face” Video!



A star is born! The Weeknd ignites his career-literally-in the new music video for his hit single “Can’t Feel My Face,” which is already No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In the Grant Singer-directed clip (“The Hills”), which premiered on Apple Music Connect, The Weeknd performs on stage at a dimly-lit club. Initially people are sitting down, unmoved by his Michael Jackson-esque moves. However, they start to perk up as he slides across the stage. Eventually someone throws a lighter at him and he bursts into flames, and a crowd joins him on stage. He leaves the club, emerging triumphant.

His sophomore album Beauty Behind the Madness is slated to drop Aug. 28. “He has made one of the most sonically ambitious pop albums of the year, full of swaggeringly confident music indebted to the arena-­size ambition of the 1980s, from Guns N’ Roses to Phil Collins to Michael Jackson,” declared The New York Times.

Watch the video below:

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