Alicia Keys Tapped by Levi’s for New Women’s Denim Campaign


Alicia Keys Levis

Alicia Keys has expanded her brand into the fashion and technology worlds in the past, but for her latest move she has been recruited by Levi’s to be their new brand ambassador leading a campaign for an entirely revamped women’s denim line.

With women’s jean sales down all across the industry, the oldest jeans company in the world is plotting a major revamp of their entire female line, hoping to reignite excitement in modern denim for woman.

The update involves larger back pockets, for more flattering optics; new branding, but most of all, it involves new fabrications – especially stretch.

According to the New York Times, the new Levi’s Lot 711 to 721 is 20 to 40 percent stretch, and the new 710s are 50 to 90 percent stretch. That’s almost yoga-worthy flexibility.

This was, as it happens, part of what attracted Ms. Keys to the project, “My personal jeans slogan is, ‘If it ain’t tight, it ain’t right,’ ” said Alicia. “It’s my motto.” But, she said, even though Levi’s is now her partner, “They can’t use it.”

Keys was an avid Levi’s rocker while growing up in New York City. She admits to experimenting with a lot of other brands but declares, “I always found my way back.”

“It’s so much better because the stretch is really comfortable,” she said about the new Levi’s jeans. “You don’t have to lie on the bed to get them up. You know, I’m a very shapely woman, and often a lot of fashion does not seem to celebrate a shapely woman. But that courtesy should be present in everything we wear.”

Keys will appear in a video made for TV and movie theaters as well as digital, which features a new song entitled “28,000” (the number of days in an average life) from her upcoming album.

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