K. Michelle Says She’s Moving to London for The Music Culture, and Caucasian British Men



K. Michelle is going through it again, taking to Twitter early Monday morning she flumed about her frustrations with being a singer in the public eye, and today’s social media.

While talking to a few fans she said, “I hate being singer! I hate it. I hate the hate when i trying to just help my family”. The R&B vixen also mentioned that her next album will be her last. “1 more album I’m out! I’ve helped women and made money 4my family,” K wrote.

In an interesting coincidence HipHollywood recently caught up with K. Michelle at the premiere of her Centric TV BEING episode, where she revealed that she was scheduled to begin recording her next project on June 15th (today), and that she was moving to London because of her appreciation for their music culture, and the “Caucasian British men”.

Peep the clip below:

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  1. Dominik_from_Croatia 3 years ago

    She gotta do what she gotta do. I love her for her honesty and her AMAZING voice and music. RnB has a true talent these days because of her and Jazmine Sullivan.. But I prefer K. Michelle, she is like Keyshia Cole on steroids.

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