New Music: PJ Morton – Claustrophobic


PJ Morton Claustrophobic

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard something new from singer/musician PJ Morton, but that has changed now with the release of the new song “Claustrophobic,” co-produced by Darhyl Camper.

While he released the song on iTunes first, PJ says it isn’t an official single, just something that he wanted to get off of his chest.

“This is for everyone who wants to be exactly who they are and not who other people want them to be… for artistic and creative freedom.”

“But I must admit I’m claustrophobic, I have a hard time trying to fit in to your small mind / And I have a habit of dreaming bigger than anything I can see right in front of me,” he sings before describing some of the unfortunate stereotypes industry executives have tried to push him into.

When he is not touring with Maroon 5, PJ is performing at spot dates and recording new music, hopefully for his next album.

Hear his new song below:

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