K. Michelle Wins Multi-Million Dollar Defamation Lawsuit



In the infamous words of the late and great Notorious B.I.G, “the more money we come across, the more problems we see,” and K. Michelle can attest to that!

In 2012, the singer/reality star, along with VH1 and Monami Entertainment was hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit from ex-boyfriend and former Jive Records executive, Mickey “Memphitz” Wright. In the lawsuit, Memphitz – who is the husband to Lil’ Wayne’s first baby mother and ex-wife, Toya – claimed that K. Michelle and the VH1 show Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta defamed his character and caused stress and strife to his reputation.

Throughout the season’s that K. Michelle was on the show, many of the cast members – and viewers of the show – assumed that she was fabricating the story for ratings, but Mona and the VH1 family stood behind her claims and believed them to be true.

Memphitz claimed that the accusations were worth $15 million in compensatory damages and $50 million in punitive damages. During his deposition though, the socialite admitted to spending money of Jive’s record budget for K on jewelry for himself, sending a text message threatening to kill her son, and for placing a pillow and/or his hand over her face to keep her quiet during a hotel altercation in 2009.

Wright, who is believed to be in a financial fiasco currently, was asked to prove that K. Michelle’s allegations were false and that the production company aired the information knowing it was false. Unfortunately for him though, his own words caused him to lose this case when he admitted to the aforementioned.

Congratulations to K. Michelle for receiving the peace that she deserves.

[via AJC]

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    Good for her!!!

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    I wonder where these women find these monsters??

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    I bet Rashida feels stupid and Tamar

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