Brandy Talks BET Show ‘Zoë Moon,’ ‘Chicago,’ New Album, And Book



If you thought R&B songstress Brandy was busy before, she’ll really have you turning heads with all the things she has lined up that are coming soon!

While the news broke of her upcoming BET sitcom Zoë Moon, nothing more than a logline for the new show was offered. That was until now. Revealing to True Exclusives that the show should be arriving in 2016, the singer-actress also revealed that she has so much more in store for fans to enjoy.

Briefly discussing her two month run on the Broadway musical Chicago, the singer turned on the same charm that was sure to land her the role as Roxie for the famed spectacle. Brandy also mentioned that the album will come soon thereafter her June return from the musical and gave word about a book that is in the works.

Catch the info below:

  1. Guzica 3 years ago

    I live for this woman! SHE IS SO FUNNY AND AMAZING!¨True talent

  2. John 3 years ago

    you ain’t neva lie. I didn’t like her when I was younger but when she grew up to be a woman I started to appreciate her more

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