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The world is getting to know V. Bozeman a little better from her guest roles on FOX’s hit drama “Empire.” After appearing on the show for the second time this week, the singer/songwriter premieres a music video for her new song “Black and Blue,” which she sang during an audition for rival company Creedmoor Records.

The powerful ballad was produced by Timbaland and written by Jim Beanz. “Why can’t we make love not war? You beat my heart until you made it black and blue,” she sings.

The video was shot on location at dawn in MacArthur Park, one of the most dangerous locations in Los Angeles. As the song deals with the potent theme of domestic violence, the video follows a woman who feels safer walking alone through a dangerous area of the city than she does in her own abusive relationship. Eagle-eyed viewers may notice that the color grading of the piece starts off feeling “black and blue,” before gradually becoming warmer and more hopeful.

Check it out below:

  1. MellO 3 years ago

    She’s so Dope! I see her as like a female tyrese..

  2. Lopes 3 years ago

    V. Bozeman is undoubtely talented. But to the author if this article I would like to suggest a correction: McArthur Park is located in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, not in East LA.

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