Video: Omarion, Chris Brown, and Jhené Aiko – Post To Be



Omarion didn’t waste any time dropping off the video to his Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko assisted single, “Post To Be”!

While it was only yesterday that the trio began teasing the new video, less than 24 hours later, the full version has appeared for our viewing. Co-directed and cut by Omarion himself,t he all-white clip shows the trio dancing their way through the bouncy DJ Mustard single while posting up with one another throughout their verses.

Take a look at the clip next:

  1. George V Golden 3 years ago

    One step forward and three steps back … SMH. Thank God for Tank, Leela James, Ledisi, and the new Kenny Lattimore ’cause these kids don’t have anything to sing about.

  2. D Palmer 3 years ago

    The new Kenny Lattimore please tell

  3. BringBackRealMusic 3 years ago

    All three of these artist have great songs. (Two of em used to make GREAT music… like back before 2009) welp…this is R&B? What is this? Is it hiphop? Nah. Its whack. Bring back real music. All three of them can sing. The fact that two of em has gotten to the point where they don’t give two-shits anymore… so “Make a song bout anything” is this music now? I hear alot of songs these days with this same “Trap?” beat umm can we go back to when there were melodies , harmonies , strings , and such… like someone mentioned below.. Kenny Lattimore , Tank , and more. I miss the real music. Old music. Sad thing is ALOT OF ARTIST of today…. used to make great music. Now they make anything -_-…. smh.

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