TLC Exceeds Expectations, Raises Over $400,000 for New Album




Well that was quick!

Veteran group TLC made headlines last month when they announced they would be using Kickstarter to raise the money to help create their final album, and the fans were surely in support!

Surpassing their goal of $150,000 in less than 72 hours, the now duo didn’t shut the donations down there. Letting the timer run out, the girls have raised over $430,000 for their project! Receiving generous donations from both fans and celebrities, TLC had a total of 4,021 backers. Katy Perry – who donated $5,000 for the album – earned a sleepover with T-Boz, and tour mates New Kids On The Block contributed $20,000 to the fund.

The album will mark the first from the group since the release of 2002’s 3D. Telling PEOPLE, “Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for our fans for all of their amazing support. We feel so blessed to know that not only do our fans love us, but they believe in us. We have received support from longtime listeners that attended our first concerts, plus new fans who have only just started listening,” the group promises to make this album remain true to their traditional sound.

In addition to recording their new album, the girls will be going on tour with New Kids On The Block and Nelly, kicking off on May 1.


  1. mon88 3 years ago

    Go TLC

  2. LE✪N 3 years ago

    Trendsetting record breakers!

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