New Music: Bobby V – PBJ



Bobby V is back!

Following the release of the critically acclaimed Peach Moon EP, the singer-songwriter has had fans on their toes when it comes to the direction that he would be going in. Well, it seems as if he’s answered the question with his latest single, “PBJ.”

Singing out, “Bust it for a real n*gga / Show me what it do,” the famed singer calls out the different flavors that the woman of his choice is working with. While the new single might not follow exactly what we were expecting coming after the sultry sounds of Peach Moon, Bobby has more in store. Currently working on his new album, we’re very interested to see the collaborative sounds it will embody.

Take a listen to the single after the jump!

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  1. mon88 3 years ago

    No sir Bobby V don’t go this route anytime you are over 18 and you singing Bust it for a real n*gga / Show me what it do….you need to throw it away.

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