Hot 97 Presents: 97 Seconds With Usher (Video)



Hot 97 was graced by Usher as the next guest to appear on their “97 Seconds” series. Opening up with his feelings on what makes a real R&B artist, the veteran singer spoke about his childhood days in Atlanta, moving to New York to work with Puff, working with Jermaine Dupri, his favorite performance, and more.

“R&B is not something that anybody can do,” said Usher. “Writing a great record is something that a lot of people have been able to do. But, to be a R&B artist is far more than just being a great singer or having a hit record. You gotta really have the soul, you gotta feel it and hear it in the music.”

Usher is currently traveling North America on his “UR Experience” tour, which will make its next stop tomorrow in Los Angeles, where fans should definitely expect some surprise guests.

Check out the interview below:

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