Chris Brown Talks About Tyga & Drake Situation, Freestyles on ‘Funk Flex’



During his recent visit to NYC, Chris Brown gave a great in-depth interview with Ebro In The Morning, but he also paid a visit to Funkmaster Flex’s show and shared his opinion on the “tweef” between Tyga and Drake.

“I support Tyga 100%, I’m still cool wit both sides, but at the end of the day Tyga my brotha so I’m always support whatever decision he wanna make,” said Chris. He went on to explain how he just enjoys listening to so called beef raps, to see what people are going to say, but claims no one is taking anything too serious, it’s not like back in the day when you might actually be intimidated by certain rappers.

“I’m a R&B dude and I can’t be tougher than some of the rappers out there, but at the end of day if y’all gonna go for it, go for it. Don’t worry about the PR or how it’s gonna look, if you wanna say somethin, say it.” he explained.

Additionally, Breezy put his lyrical skills on display spitting a slick freestyle over Nicki Minaj’s “Only” instrumental. He boasted about his ways with the ladies and even shouted out Nicki’s assets.

Check out both clips below:

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