Video: Keyshia Cole feat. Future – Love Letter



Keyshia Cole feels two is better than one, so she has delivered a second new song/video today! Followed by the emotional and catchy “N.L.U” featuring 2 Chainz, the R&B songstress bares her heart once again in the video for the break-up song “Love Letter” featuring Future.

A brokenhearted Keyshia sits in a mansion, contemplating whether to give her man another chance, but ultimately decides she’s had enough. Model-singer Don Benjamin plays her love interest and will reprise his role in her upcoming videos.

“Every time you wrote me a love letter, you had me thinking that you could do better / Calling all night, but I ain’t pickin’ up this time,” she sings in the opening verse.

The song can be found on her sixth album Point of No Return, due out October 7.

Check out the video below:

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  1. mon88 4 years ago

    OMG this is GARBAGE.

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