Video: Justine Skye feat. Tyga – ‘Collide’



Rising young singer Justine Skye brings her brand new DJ Mustard-produced single, “Collide,” to life with a dreamy music video.

While at the laundromat, the Brooklyn native catches the eye of a guy, played by Antoine D. Jones. While exchanging glances back and forth they both fantasize about a passionate encounter in the desert.

Tyga joins the purple-haired vixen for his featured verse in the dimly lit arcade room of the laundromat.

“We can go all the time, we can move fast, than wine / When you put your body on mine, then collide,” sings Justine, who is currently working on her debut album, due out on Atlantic Records.

Peep the new video below:

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  1. GTFOH! 4 years ago

    I feel sort of sorry for Justine Skye.

    Whomever is handling her is dropping the ball.

    It wreaks of old heads.

    It feels like some tired industry n*ggaz, paint by the numbers, “Lets do what I did when I was hot” A&R work and white washing of music and image.

    Whether it’s these middle of the road, soulless, r&b light, boring ass songs they are picking for her.
    Or her lack of a constant image.
    From one video to the next, you have no idea what or who she’s trying to come across as.
    Get her a better A&R team to help pick her songs.
    These August Rigo like pop shits sound like I heard it a million times before… and didn’t grow on me then either.
    Find her a REAL make up team and stylist.
    Or just drop her already so she can find a hungrier group of people to work with.
    (She’s probably is gonna be dropped soon anyway…)

    Just anything else

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