Video: Elle Varner – ‘F**k It All’



Elle Varner‘s forthcoming sophomore album is all about the power of words, four letter words specifically, and today she has returned with a music video for possibly her most blunt record from the album, “F**ck It All.” The track was originally released as a promo back in April, and finds the soulful singer/songwriter delivering a powerful mantra inspired by personal moments, that she hopes can inspire listeners to help push through the BS.

“[It] is an exploration into the darker side of my mind,” Elle told The Fader about the Pop & Oak-produced song. “The most haunting thing about the tune for me is that I never break from the light, airy, melancholic melody until the very end. It was a challenge as a writer and singer to stay on one melody and chorus lyric—“f*ck it all”—and let only the verse lyrics grow in intensity.”

Inspired by heartbreak, Varner says the simple saying can apply wherever you need it: “When you’re counting the hours at your job, making a change in your life big or small, or are simply ready to throw up your hands and accept what is happening at that moment, maybe there is something you need to let go of. I certainly did so myself.”

In the Duncan Winecoff-directed visual, Elle gives a glimpse of what happens when emotions are high and the pain runs deep. Her new album 4 Letter Word is expected to be released this fall.

Peep the new video below:

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