Usher on Touring: “I Don’t Have To Prove Anything”



With his anticipated “The UR Experience” tour kicking off this week, Usher recently sat down with CBS Radio to talk about his current mind state when it comes to hitting the road and giving large audiences a special show.

He revealed that these days, he takes a somewhat more laid back approach to performing than in the past. “Being the best at this point in my life is being committed to it,” he explained. “No doubt about it, I don’t have to prove anything. I mean I’ve been doin it for 20 years, this will be my 8th album, and I’m just naturally a hard worker, anything that I do I go after it to be the best.”

He continued: “After a few things have happened in my life, to me, even during my performance, I realized that perfection is how you feel. It’s being able to check in out and out of your dance and performance and it be effortless that makes a performance incredible.”

Additionally, Usher spoke about how in his time as a teen star he had very few embarrassing paparazzi moments. But, he discussed his onstage breakdown from 2011, and also discussed giving advice to younger artists.

Peep the interview clips below:

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