New Music: Tamar Braxton feat. Future – Let Me Know


Well that was quick!

Earlier this morning we informed you that Tamar Braxton was on her way to releasing a brand new single titled “Let Me Know” featuring Future, and well, it’s now here for your listening pleasure!

Coming a year after her Love and War album, the new single has been heavily anticipated from many fans of the star. Singing out, “We’ve been through so many things / Ups and downs and in betweens,” the R&B star pours out her heart over the mid-tempo love song.

Sampling the 1994 R&B classic “At Your Best (You Are Love)” from the late-great Aaliyah, one cannot deny Tamar’s ability to standout vocally, as well as Future’s ability to add his special touch. This one has big hit potential!

Take a listen to the smooth new cut below!

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  • Simon

    That vocal performance A+ loving the background vocals + the harmonies.. she can sang

  • vfocused

    No shade but maybe a little. Where is her own creativity, and originality. Song was alright but did I also here a Pattie Labelle melody in there. Thought Future would have put a little more in, but maybe he will do a remix. since this is her song. Seems like I heard more of the background than Tamar. and did she bite Toni’s style a little when she did the holler whooh! also singing in the low octive. I said to myself she tried it didn’t she. So you got Aaliyah, Pattie, a touch of Future, and Toni too almost. I thought this is supposed to be Tamar’s song. Anyway. I did like the beat it just seems like I heard the song before. No shade, being honest. I am trying to support and I did listen twice, to make sure, but……..oh almost for got is that BeyoncĂ© hairdo for the album cover if this is the cover. Hope this is not the cover. That is so Beyonces do. I am waiting to see Tamar be Tamar. For real no shade. Originality is lacking. Sorry.

  • vfocused

    That’s my point, I heard the background louder than her. I think she sang on background also but sounding like Toni singing low and when she did the holler on the end of the verse whoo! as Toni does a lot I said, that was like her sister. She probably just did it own her own but some habits of Toni’s I guess will rub off cus of all the years background she has sang for Toni. I luv Future so thought he would put a rap in there, that would have been nice but maybe that is to come hope so. Anything to help it.

  • Dr. Tikki

    PERFECTION! Baby Braxton well done!

  • Dr. Tikki

    Her voice is original, really could care less about her look even though she is one of a kind and beautiful. Her vocals are flawless (no pun intended) in the background and on the lead she is just a dynamic singer. Shade all day doesn’t matter it won’t cool her off because she is hot!

  • featuring this on the countdown sunday mornin

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