Exclusive: Adrian Marcel Talks ‘Weak After Next,’ “2 AM” Success, Being a Father While Pursuing R&B Music Career



This past summer, rising R&B singer/songwriter Adrian Marcel released his second mixtape ‘Weak After Next‘ and continued to greatly impress a growing fan base with the quality of material he delivers. With a new EP on the way before the end of the year, and his anticipated debut album Got Me F’d Up coming early 2015, ThisisRnB TV caught up with Adrian while he was recently in NYC for a performance.

Always a candid conversation, the Oakland native holds nothing back when we chat, and during our sit-down he opened up about the extended recording process for ‘Weak After Next,’ making sure it was a true follow-up to his breakout 2013 mixtape 7 Days of Weak, and choosing the right songs to give away at this time, while holding some very special ones back for his debut LP.

Adrian claims to be a pretty private person, even though he tends to give quite detailed descriptions of his decisions and thought processes with his work, however on his latest mixtape he revealed, in a special way, that he has a young daughter. We spoke about his choice for sharing that information through an interlude on the mixtape, where she leaves him a touching voicemail, he talked about how she influences his choices, and the life of being a father while pursuing a music career.

In addition to his free music, Adrian has found some commercial success with the popular club/radio single “2 AM,” which was a sound he had not previously released, and surprised some fans. He talked about making that decision and why he needs to make sure he has radio friendly music so his other music has a better chance of being heard by the masses, and how it all comes down to if the feeling is authentic.

Check out the full interview clip below:

  1. Paul Wagner 4 years ago

    To me, as someone who’s been in and around the music business for 40 years, the most remarkable thing (of many) about Adrian Marcel is his vocal precision. Just listen to what he does on the line in ‘2am’ “Girl you know I’ll be good for hours.” The way he uses countless sliding notes to tell us about that relaxed state he’ll be in is amazing. Same with the astonishing controlled-timing vibrato on the line “I ain’t runnin game.” Marcel’s degree of vocal *awareness* is jaw-dropping. I’m so glad he’s offering us his music and his immense talent.

  2. Cool Breezy 4 years ago

    Al B. Sure’s son Quincy better go on ahead and drop whatever he’s been working on…If he get rid of that acne, he would be 10+

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