Watch: Chris Brown Tells Funny Story about an Inmate Who Wanted to Work With Him on Con Air



To kick off the celebration of his much-anticipated and delayed album X, Chris Brown spent the morning with the Power 106 family on Tuesday for a special show of Big Boy’s Neighborhood.

The R&B superstar was welcomed into a room filled with fans who won the chance to watch the interview live. In addition to speaking about the album and his recording process now, Chris told Big Boy what jail was like, what his first meal out was, and what he learned from all of it.

The standout moment though was a story he told about an inmate he met, who was hoping to collaborate with Breezy, while being transferred from L.A. to D.C. on Con Air. But it turns out we would all be waiting a very long time for that collaboration to happen.

X is in stores now! Check out the full interview and hilarious story below:

(story starts around 7 mins)

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