Beyoncé & Jay Z To Release Joint Album?



Yes, you read that right. Beyoncé and Jay Z are reportedly working on a joint album together!

As the rumor mill continues to turn on the subject of the two megastars calling it quits, it seems as if they’re not paying it any mind. Already releasing the first part to their “Bang Bang” short film this week, the report of their upcoming album is something that added a little more excitement to everything.

Sure, the news of the album is something that we all expected to come some time soon, but now that it could potentially be on its way, it seems a little more realistic. Breaking the news on air, Dash Radio’s DJ Skee claims that sources close to the couple state that fans can expect the album late 2014 or early 2015.

The huge news comes fresh off of the heels of the couple wrapping their “On The Run” summer tour. While no official announcement has been made yet, one can only wonder how big the two are going to do it surrounding this project.

Take a listen below as DJ Skee drops the bomb!

[Via Just Jared]

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