Behind The Scenes: Beyoncé’s ‘CR Fashion Book’ Photoshoot



Beyoncé is currently covering the latest issue of ‘CR Fashion Book‘ with a stunning new photo shoot.  The superstar donned some unique high-fashion garments and haute couture pieces for the exclusive shoot with photographer Pierre Debusschere.

“The empress of pop meets a force of fashion. The ever-changing Beyoncé expresses her many moods, manners, auras, and multifaceted characters. All hail!,” reads the magazines introduction to the feature.

Now, as she has consistently done, Bey is giving fans a look behind-the-scenes of her day on set, styled by Carine Roitfield, with guest creative direction by Riccardo Tisci.

“It was really interesting to do something that was not the typical, classic photography. We really created art, and I just kinda was the muse and I trusted everyone here, so I went for it and that’s always exciting,” explained Beyoncé.

Take a look behind-the-scenes of her photo shoot below:

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