K. Michelle on Why She Did the ‘Rebellious Soul Musical’: “I am So Bored with R&B Music”



K. Michelle will make history tonight when her “Rebellious Soul Musical” airs on VH1.  The singer/songwriter poured her heart and soul into the making of this unique project, which was directed by Idris Elba, and extends the life of her acclaimed debut album Rebellious Soul.

While on a promo run in NYC for the special, K stopped by Hot 97 to chat with her friend Ebro about the musical and much more. During their conversation K revealed that one of her reasons for creating the project was out of boredom, but not just from her life but from R&B music in general. “I am so bored at this point with R&B music, very bored,” she explained. “It just seems like everybody, me included, we’re all singing the same type of, ‘he broke my heart,’ and it’s no men singing how much they love their women, they’re screaming ‘oh they ain’t loyal,’ everything sounds the same.”

Ebro agreed with K, but also blamed radio, and spoke briefly about the difficulty of breaking new sounds to the mainstream audience. K also spoke about her alleged beef with Elle Varner and why they are no longer cool, which had a lot to do with her management.

Check out the full interview below, and tune in to VH1 tonight at 10pm est for the premiere of K. Michelle’s ‘Rebellious Soul Musical.’

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