Jagged Edge Talk Upcoming Album ‘J.E. Heartbreak Too’ on Steve Harvey Morning Show



Following the release of the video for their new single “Hope,” Jagged Edge swung by the Steve Harvey Morning Show to talk about the song and their upcoming album ‘J.E. Heartbreak Too.’

Set for release this October, the eighth studio album from the R&B quartet is expected to deliver real quality R&B music with timeless themes. Following their live chat they spoke about the state of R&B backstage. “If you’re looking for it to be exactly what it was in 1990 then yea it’s dead,” shared Brandon. “The genre is supposed to and it will keep pushing forward. At the same time, more than ever, this generation has lost the starting point. So we’re just tryin to inject a little bit of that.”

Check out the interview below, and another clip where they share their personal Top 5 favorite records from their catalog.

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