Tank Fronts SingersRoom’s Inaugural Digital Cover



Our friends over at Singersroom have launched their first ever digital cover, featuring none other than the R&B General, Tank.

The cover fronts a special photoshoot and interview with the singer-songwriter-producer, who is gearing up to release his sixth studio album Stronger on August 12.

“What makes me stronger is growth,” says Tank. “I think that if we all give way to experience and accept the teachings, accept the understandings that goes along with it, then you really have no choice but to become stronger.”

“You really have no choice but to benefit from all the trials and tribulations from the good times as well as the bad times,” he continued. “And this information has taken me into a space where musically, I’m at my best; I’m at my strength, physically, spiritually, mentally.”

Check out some more excerpts from the interview and photos below:

On his longevity in music: “It’s always been love … I know so many artists who started this journey with me, and they’re no longer apart of this journey, they’re no longer supported or sought after, no one really cares anymore, and to be 14 years in and still have a camera on me and people still asking me questions and caring about the answers, that makes me emotional. I’m not afraid to be that way.”

On persistence to always do better: “When we finished the TGT project, I was like ‘That was a great project, but oh, we could of done better.’ Now that I’m on to this Stronger project, I’m so excited about it, can’t wait to put it out in stores, but I know three months after that project drops, I’m gonna say ‘oh, but I could of done better’ and I’ll be right back grinding again, trying to figure out how to be better.”

On his desire to impact people through his music: “I fight for music that I can feel, that has an impact on people’s lives. I remember hearing certain songs, certain chord changes, certain melodies; they would literally change my mood… when I finally understood what that music was, it was R&B music… I find myself trying to create those moments of my own, so I could share with people and they could feel the way I felt when I heard that [R&B] music.”

Photo by: Karl Ferguson Jr. (www.karlfergusonjr.com)

Photo by: Karl Ferguson Jr. (www.karlfergusonjr.com)

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