Zendaya Talks About Her Role as Aaliyah in Upcoming Biopic



Disney star, singer/actress Zendaya Coleman has been all over the press after it was announced that she had been cast to channel “Baby Girl” in the upcoming Lifetime biopic, Aaliyah: Princess of R&B. Following the announcement the 17 year-old faced some harsh criticism from fans who didn’t think she was the right fit, or if the movie should be made at all, because the channel was going ahead with production without the blessing of Aaliyah’s family.

Finally speaking out, Zendaya stopped by the HipHollywood offices to talk about the role, her love for the late great artist and her position on the haters.

“I auditioned like anyone else and I worked really hard because it’s someone I love and I admire and if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself,” the “Dancing With The Stars” runner-up told HipHollywood.

She also wanted people to understand that no matter what, this movie will be made and it’s all about honoring Aaliyah’s legacy. “This movie is going to be made one way or another and I think it should be made in the best possible way to show her beauty.”

Filming for Aaliyah: Princess of R&B is set to begin this summer, with an air date expected in the fall. Check out her interview below:

  1. mreagan88 4 years ago

    but she not black tho

  2. SaintBonita 4 years ago

    Who the fuck is Zendaya? But  whatever, we don’t need a movie about Aaliyah, there’s videos on YouTube to see how beautiful and sweet she was!! These people the only thing that want is MONEY!!

  3. str8HATIN 4 years ago

    mreagan88 fuckin IDIOT. She is black.Google her before u say some dumb shit like that. And if u say some wack shit like “she aint really black ’cause she’s half white”, then I’ll ask you if u think Bob Marley is really black? Or Halle Berry? Kid Cudi? Alicia Keys? Carmelo Anthony? Shall I go on u dumb f*ck?? LOL!!!

  4. str8HATIN 4 years ago

    SaintBonita Who the fuck ARE YOU??? She was the star of a hit Disney show that was on for over 5 seasons. She has a few #1 hit singles. And she’s playing Aaliyah. What the f*ck have u done in ur life at that same age? Exactly.

  5. mreagan88 4 years ago

    str8HATIN mreagan88 Why are you so pressed? this chick is not black end of story degenerate.

  6. mreagan88 4 years ago

    str8HATIN SaintBonita  A few #1 hit singles will not get you into to heaven so you fail once again.

  7. SaintBonita 4 years ago

    str8HATIN SaintBonita Men, don’t get mad I don’t offended you, I talkin’ about Zendaya and she don’t give a fuck about us. And rom Disney the only girls that I know was Britney, Christina Aguilera, Raven Simone, Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus. Zendaya was not relevant like these chicks. With my life I have a job and I been studing the university with a lots of “A”,  I speak spanish and english.

  8. str8HATIN 4 years ago

    mreagan88 str8HATIN Spoken like a true fuckin IDIOT!
    How black are you really? Almost every african american today is of some missed origin due to slavery or plain race mixing. Zendaya father/ manager is as black as you or me. All people see when they see her is a black woman. Your outright stupidity is what keeps us blacks where we are in this world. Idiot.

  9. str8HATIN 4 years ago

    SaintBonita str8HATIN You need to ask whatever University you attend for your money back. You write like you’re barely literate and your reasoning is completely unfounded, re: stupid. I assume spanish is your first language because you haven’t mastered English so much… lol. Let me get this right; because someone isn’t a superstar, then they aren’t famous or worthy.You do know that most people (white) have NO IDEA who Aaliyah was since she never had a crossover hit. She was NEVER a Britney, Miley or Christina. And who the fuck is Hilary Duff? Outside of her show, what has she done. What is Raven Symone doing besides being gay now? In other words… you’re an idiot.

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