Video: Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good [Solo Version]



With the favorable response to his posthumous album, Xscape, it was only right that a visual for its top contender “Love Never Felt So Good” be released soon following. In addition to the official video for the Justin Timberlake featured version, MJ’s team has now released an alternate visual for those that prefer this solo version of the already classic song.

Featuring old clips of the late and great Michael Jackson, the video shows MJ in his prime. Catching shots of him dancing from old videos such as “Dirty Diana,” “Smooth Criminal,” “Bad,” and much more, the visual serves as a massive dance party with current day dancers reenacting each of his famed moves.

A total blast from the past and remembrance of what was once great, the new video makes you remember just why you wanted to be like Mike over the years.

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