Video: K. Michelle – ‘Can’t Raise A Man’



K. Michelle‘s longtime fan favorite “Can’t Raise A Man” has finally been given the single treatment, and as expected it’s on it’s way to the top of the R&B charts.  Now, the Memphis songstress premieres the much-anticipated music video for the poignant female empowerment anthem.

Rocking a form fitting burgundy dress, and flowing blond hair, the R&B firecracker belts out the strong song while standing in front of a waterfall. Black and white scenes of troubled relationships switch back and forth throughout the Benny Boom directed visual.

“It’s amazing how one topic can touch women of all ethnicities and backgrounds,” says K. Michelle. “I feel like men nowadays are not holding their own, and the roles are reversed. Ladies you can never raise a man. Maturity, morals and values are instilled in the beginning of their life … you can’t teach somebody morals at 30 or even 23, you can’t do it.”

K’s debut album Rebellious Soul is in stores now. She is working on a musical version of the album for a Broadway/Trapped In The Closet style performance which will air on Vh1 later this year. On Valentine’s Day K. Michelle will release her anticipated ‘Still No F**ks Given‘ mixtape.

Watch the video for “Can’t Raise a Man” below!

  1. BettinaJones 4 years ago

    I love it

  2. KenGreen1 4 years ago

    K Michelle u wearing the hell out that dress… ken g 225 br, la

  3. CaliMillionzz 4 years ago

    man…. the theme in this video does not match the song.. and damn could she not get any better models for the video.. and a mf waterfall? wtf does a water fall gat to do with the story line that the video is depicting?….. #cudadunbetter…

  4. punkymollysue 4 years ago

    The theme of the video does match the song its three different situations of women in relationship with no good men one man beats her the other man cheats and the other man does drugs. These are three situation no women should be in. Its very clear the message of the video any person with a brain could see that

  5. koshotep 4 years ago

    What I take from the video is that grown ass boys exist in every race, nationality, etc. You have 3 women in a place of hell with their men. On the flip side you have a single K Michelle in a beautiful place of peace because she has already learned and knows you can’t raise a man. She is telling the other women how to get to that peaceful place. I would’ve loved to see them all end up at the waterfall.

  6. JulySummerBabie 4 years ago

    CaliMillionzz Stevie Wonder can see the song and video matches just fine. She’s saying these are 3 examples of boys in men bodies. Dam what are you missing? One boy that beats his girl, ones a junkie and the others a cheater. She saying to the women YOU CANT RAISE THEM to be what you want them to be. How hard is this concept to grasp?

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