John Legend Gets Naked in ‘Funny or Die’ Skit



John Legend has opened up like never before in a comedic skit for ‘Funky or Die.’ The multi Grammy-winning singer brings viewers into his Los Angeles home for a glimpse at how he spends most days, consisting of a lot of nudity and showering.

He exercises in the nude, naps naked, and hits the studio to work on his upcoming album Love in the Future, but he’s not inspired until the clothes come off once again. After few hours of work, John unwinds by watching some TV on the couch naked with his bulldog Puddy by his side. But the day is not complete without one more shower.

Watch his most revealing interview ever below…


  1. AntDW 5 years ago

    i like John, but why he took it this far though? to boost the sell of that album that’s coming out in September because he know aint nobody really feeling him like he want them to. smh..come on John, what else? making out with a man next to boost sells?

  2. lovelynga 5 years ago

    lol.  loved it.  too bad i wasn’t there 4 the nap.

  3. karrlyk 5 years ago

    He is obviously promoting his album but still very funny. Loved every bit of it.

  4. dashdash444 4 years ago

    why does the guy keep getting over looked as the BIGGEST DOWN LOW SINCE TYLER PERRY!!!!   HE IS SO GAY…  and most people want to believe he is straight cause he manage to find one asian woman to marry him.  asians chase money so he had no challenge … a black woman would never have married him. with the wwhispers  his sexual … conduct being quirre.. i will you he will become a scandal …. by 2014 end

  5. dashdash444 4 years ago

    when he first come on the scene the first thing weird he did was change his name to john le gend , he said kenya west told him to do that ….  kenya west has a ugly name …so how can he direct somone else on a name .  he also wears tight clothes and smile all the time like a sisssy or a sweetie pie …  i  think he is good looking but in a girly way … ask a black woman would she date him and wait for the face expression!!  you will die laughting …. krissy career was failing and she is a noboy. so she wanted fame .like say kim kardashian… does
    you can not think john legend and kriss t marriage was of love  PLEASE

  6. WillScripts 4 years ago

    dashdash444 yeah i so total agree. wish these dudes would stop marrying these women and having babies with them for cover-up purposes and be true to themselves. most men u can basically look at and tell that they get stuck in the butt by another male’s “stick,” and john legend is one of those men, but will go to their grave in denial, unless they finally come on out, admit to it and stop living a lie. however, you got those men that will lie that lie until the day they die…like kirk franklin, donnie mcclurkin, tyler perry(primarily and the main one out the flock of sugary-filled tanks) and a host of other men.

  7. dwnwitit 4 years ago

    That Ish is so hot

  8. HelloD 4 years ago

    Very funny…whether he’s gay or not…who FREAKIN CARES!! Why are ppl so invested in his sexuality when it doesn’t impact them at all? Just get a sense of humor already!

  9. dashdash444 4 years ago

    most women can  tell who is fruity but some women are desperate for the pretty face or the big cash flow .. tammy franklin for one…. some of them marry lesbians to keep it real low … tyler perry .. donny mcclurkin , steve harvey and a few others  ohhh creflo dollar !!  they just need to come out its so stupid to lead these blind women into  hell. .. the marriages start failing once she resolve to the truth .and friends and family dont want to tell her for fear she will tell him ..and gave men closet men will fight you tooth and nail and willl isolate their women from you  big time so becarfeul thinking you can  force them out ….. this john legend is so classic gay…he been speculated from the time he changed his real name to john legend who the hell does that …..other than joan crawford days ..and mostly those were actors . from a old erra ..he just need to quit before he is discovered sooner than he thought

  10. WillScripts 4 years ago

    dashdash444 couldn’t have put it no better than that @dashdash444. well-said. and see how this chic on here shrugged it off and said” who cares?” she is the prime example of a dumb-ass woman who doesn’t care about being married to a gay man who takes “stick” up the butt,  because all she sees is dollar signs and is blinded by them dollar signs. women are so naive and simply dumb beings when it comes to not knowing, but most of them do know, like you’ve iterated, that their man be “hershey highway” lovers who takes it up the butt on a regular.

  11. HelloD 4 years ago

    LOL! Ok I’ll feed the troll this one time. You’re obviously spending WAY too much time worried about what goes on in someone’s bedroom instead of getting a life and some action (hmmm…why are you so obsessed with John being naked anyway? Seriously, I’d love to know). Life’s too short to be concerned about the lives of others that who don’t impact yours and making wildly idiotic assumptions about others that you obviously know nothing about. Get a life, get laid, DO SOMETHING besides beings an ignorant troll obsessed with some random dude in a video (and get a decent education to write coherent arguments, while you’re at it). Don’t know what coherent means? Look it up.

  12. WillScripts 4 years ago

    dashdash444 lmmfaoooooo always looking zesty tho!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHH u got me with that one and so damn true!! ROTFL! every last one of them huneybun ass niggas u named u hit the nail smack-dab on the head 4sho.

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