New Music: Tamar Braxton – “Love And War”


Reality TV star Tamar Braxton has finally released the first single of her forthcoming album. The sister of R&B legend Toni Braxton is battling the hardships of love, right on the front lines in, “Love and War.” A powerful R&B ballad with similar production to Keyshia Cole’s “Trust and Believe.” But, most importantly Tamar shines vocally and if this is any indication of her upcoming material, we are looking forward to much more!

Take a listen now, what do you think?

  1. V.I.C. 5 years ago


  2. lisa 5 years ago

    i love love love this song Tamar.. It has stole my heart

  3. Vaayz 5 years ago

    I’d actually love it if it didn’t sound almost exactly like Trust and Believe

  4. B 5 years ago

    #2 on iTunes though. Amazing!

  5. Wifi 5 years ago

    it sounds exactly like Trust and Believe

  6. LexRenee 5 years ago

    really vibed to this…just wish she had articulated her words a little better.

  7. ruth 5 years ago

    um… doesn’t this sound much like trust and believe from keisha cole?

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