Video: Jermaine Paul – “I Believe In This Life”


Jermaine Paul is an incredible vocalist, but even he couldn’t resist going dance-pop with his brand new single, “I Believe In This Life.” The Voice winner searches for love in the club, as the dance floor show off their crazy moves and splash water everywhere.

Jermaine is prepping his debut album, which is expected to be released this December. Peep the new video below…

  1. yesss 6 years ago

    U mean The Voice, not X Factor

  2. Wowzer 6 years ago

    The Voice, Who is Writing this stuff?

  3. ThisisRnB 6 years ago

    Yes, thanks for catching the error

  4. Codine 6 years ago

    bad song, generically written and produced. Let’s face it the Voice can’t produce a star because the talent is weak.

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