If the reports are true, Usher’s new album title is going to cause some, Huh? Who? What? Where? remarks. According to CNN, the R&B superstars anticipated, seventh studio album is going to be titled “The Shanertance.”

Currently in the UK, promoting his well-received first single “Climax,” Ursh paid a visit to CaptialFM where he announced his up coming collaboration with British singer/songwriter Labrinth. “We actually haven’t finished this one, but I’m working with Labrinth and that is my big surprise for London,” Usher said. “I wanted to take a stab at his world … I can only imagine what me and Labrinth will do with this U.S. and U.K. connection.”

As we previously reported, he also revealed his hopes for a collaboration between himself and Adele. “I think the world deserves an Usher and Adele record,” the singer told the radio station. “That’s what I think. That would be the other U.K. connection that I think everybody would be really fond of and enjoy.”

The new LP is rumored to be due out this Spring … So … What do you think of that album title??

UPDATE: As expected and thankfully Usher announced this is not the title to his forthcoming album. A weird rumor for CNN, of all places, to start.

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  1. Monstar 6 years ago

    Bt I think you must name it “Climax” cause I think its been long
    Years of your career all the ups and downs you’ve been through,
    Publicly and private life. After all of it you still stand,you never gave up
    You’ve reach a climax

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